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  Circle of Friends Multicultural Shows
  Put your seat belt on and get ready for the flight of a lifetime. Together Jenny and the children will pretend to fly around the world on a huge adventure visiting various countries discovering languages, clothes, instruments, dances, stories, festivals and cultures from around the world.   

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There are 3 shows to choose from:


Colourful Countries

India, Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, and Holland.


Fantastic Flags

 South America, Germany, Japan, Greece, and Asia.


Festival Fun

Russia, Asia, Italy, Africa and Ireland.

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    Cost per Show: $350.00  
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  These educational "Multicultural Shows" offer the following benefits to children:  
    Happy Time for Kids - Button   Encourage positive attitudes towards other cultures   Happy Time for Kids - Button   Recognise the importance of similarities as well as differences in various cultures placing value upon diversity    
  Happy Time for Kids - Button

Incorporate language, greetings, simple phrases and songs from various countries

  Happy Time for Kids - Button
  Stimulate children’s thoughts about the world and provide an opportunity for a follow on activity for children, parents and families to share their culture with the centre

The cultures featured in the shows may take into account the cultural background of some of the children attending your service or it may be introducing a variety of new cultures for the children to explore.

Please Note: Mixed multicultural shows are available.

I have a large number of cultures available and would be happy to design a show to meet the individual needs of your centre. For a mixed multicultural show, 4 cultures can be selected from any of the above shows. 

 As I travel to and experience other countries more cultures will be added.